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In a May article I wrote in response to the fear-mongering and ignorance around the banning of critical race theory (CRT), I made the claim that one of our greatest weapons in dismantling systemic racism and institutional bias is educational reform. I wrote this article with my 14-year-old daughter, Isabel, in mind, thinking about how much more I wanted for her than the sterilized, whitewashed version of U.S. history that continues to perpetuate white dominance, slamming doors of possibilities for students of color. And I wrote this article because it infuriates me that many white children grow up with an…

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Like many of you, I continue to be saddened and horrified by the murders of Black and brown people whose lives were taken with impunity by police. George Floyd. Daunte Wright. Adam Toledo. Ma’Khia Bryant. Anthony Brown. Mario Arenales González. These are only a few of the more recent names. It’s hard not to fall into helplessness and hopelessness. But antiracist scholar Dr. Derald Wing Sue reminds us that these can’t be excuses for inaction. …

Over inclusivity and societal progress, over interrogating past practices and entrenched beliefs, over examining the ways systems benefit some at the exclusion of others, people seek nostalgia and familiarity.

Here’s a perfect example: Type Read Across America 2021 in your browser’s search engine, and you’ll find wonderful resources with diverse book collections for children to read and enjoy on March 2, Read Across America Day. What you might not see immediately are the heated complaints on social media, questioning the need to forgo Seuss books. …

Thanks, Sam! There's a lot of food for thought here. I started capitalizing White because of this article:

The biggest concern I have is that White people (and non-Black POC who benefit from the system, in many ways myself included) will feel like they're off the hook, so to speak. Yes, race is a social construct but until there are no disproportionate outcomes for Blacks and other BIPOC due to systemic racism, then I'm worried about your eagerness to "take the legs out of white identity." But again, thank you, Sam!

Angela Forero

Teacher, Staff Developer, Parent. "What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want it?" Toni Morrison

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